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What can Smart Yii be for you?

If you have a web site that's doing great but it reached a peak and there is room for improvement, Smart Yii will show you the path.

If you're tired of bad experiences with development agencies and want to deal with an experienced company in web development and Yii that knows its ways, Smart Yii will be like a dream.

If you have an old web site and you've decided to redevelop and redesign to take advantage of the latest and trendiest techniques and technologies Smart Yii is the way.

If you want to be amongst the top level players in your niche dive into the future with Smart Yii.


Smart Yii uses Yii/Yii2 php framework to deliver high end custom web application projects in a LAMP environment faster then ever...


Search engine optimization is an important factor and Smart Yii implements all smart SEO techniques to boost the organic search factor.


Smart Yii uses Git as versioning control system for data redundancy, replication, high availability, friendly collaboration and faster development.

Very Flexible

Smart Yii project development is very flexible being able to plug in all sorts of JS libraries, caching systems, modules, extensions etc.

Meet our Team! The awesomes ...

  • Marian Zburlea
  • Gratiela Zburlea
  • Carol Onofriciuc
  • Luiza Onofriciuc


Smart Yii started working with Chemist Direct on their new web site since the early stages offering consultancy and PHP development. As the time passed we've extended our responsibilities offering problem solving, providing solutions and development for git set ups, Linux administration, Magento integration with Yii using REST services, project management and so on.

A close relationship was developed with the client staff making the work place a fun place to be at. We've been together in celebrating successful milestones and also when tight deadlines pressure was all over us.

The business is very happy about the project and its success and that's the most important thing that matters.