About Quick Blog

Quick Blog is one of the quickest and fastest toold for writing blogs in the world

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  • You can achieve 100/100 Google Page speed insight score.
  • Load and render on the client is blazing fast, most of the time it happens quicker than you can blink, for real!
  • Quick Blog allows you to build HTML pages quickly and painless.
  • It makes use of PUG (former JADE) template language to generate HTML and SASS (SCSS) to power up CSS.
  • It is open source and it derives from Pug Starter, enabling faster delivery of HTML & CSS projects to a private server and/or automatic deployment of GitHub pages.
  • JSON to HTML template. You can build a template that applies to multiple JSON files and generates HTML for each of them.


Quick Blog was born in March 2017 out of the need to quickly prototype projects.